aspha-min® - The high performance additive

aspha-min® granulate
aspha-min®  is a finely granulated, flowable synthetic zeolite used in the manufacture of warm mix asphalt as well as to improve workability and enhance compaction in hot mix asphalt.
Verarbeitungs- und Verdichtungshilfe

The optimizer for workability and compactibilty

aspha-min® guarantees a significantly improved workability and compactibility for demanding binders (e.g. PMB), under adverse weather conditions and for manual laying – your insurance against insufficient compaction.
NTA - umweltschonend

Warm mix asphalt (WMA)

By the use of aspha-min® asphalt mix temperatures can be reduced by about 30 °C. This is not only saving energy costs but is also beneficial for workers, machinery and environment. Moreover, lower temperatures allow earlier opening of time-critical construction projects (e.g. night work).

aspha-min® – The high performance additive