Hot Mix Asphalt - Improved workability and compactability

Aside of the classical application in warm mix asphalt (WMA), aspha-min® excels at ensuring improved workability and compactability in hot mix asphalt.

Process reliability in asphalt road construction

Quality standards for asphalt roads are being raised constantly. Technical innovation in road construction with both thin layers and stiff or modified binders has made paving a much more demanding for construction companies. Construction periods are getting shorter, nightly laying becomes more common. Likewise, risks to be fined for failed compaction rise. At the same time, good compaction rates decide about both life span and performance of any asphalt road.

In hot mix asphalt (HMA) aspha-min® significantly improves the workability and compactability of the asphalt mix. This leads to less concern about compaction, for thin layers, high modulus mixes and under adverse weather conditions. aspha-min® is extending the time frame for paving hot mix asphalt which can be decisive under such circumstances. Workability of the mix is ensured as low as 100 °C. With no changes to the ring-and-ball-value or any other properties of the binder and no sudden hardening of the mix, the application does not lead to higher demands for laying and compacting.

aspha-min® has proven to be particularly suitable for manual laying, e.g. laying in between tram tracks in cities, for better workability and perfected compaction. Consequently, aspha-min® also helps to maximize the usage of RAP in asphalt mixes.

Good compaction, even under adverse conditions, means less repair and longer durability for our road network. This saves energy, raw materials and public money. More sustainability in road construction.