Product advantages at a glance

Warm mix asphalt (WMA)

  • Energy and resource savings due to lower mixing temperatures
  • Improved working conditions for lower emissions of fumes, aerosols and odour at both plant and work site
  • Quicker reopening of new traffic surfaces
  • Lower production and laying temperatures reduce thermal aging of the bitumen
  • Less wear and tear to both asphalt plant and construction devices

Low viscosity hot mix asphalt

  • Extended time frame for paving under adverse climatic conditions (cold, wind)
  • Improved workability and compactability for demanding binders and thin layers, i.e. less claims for insufficient compaction
  • Optimised manual laying


  • No chemical alteration to the binder's properties (ring and ball value)
  • No extension of mixing times guarantees full productivity of the mixing plant
  • Easy storage, handling and metering
  • No additional bitumen tanks needed