Health, safety and the environment

Our contribution to the protection of your health and the environment

The cliché of the simple road worker, cloaked in wafts of fume, is a thought of the past. Health and safety regulations for road works have become more and more stringent. Nevertheless, the exposure of workers to vapours, aerosols and odour cannot be denied. For occupational health and safety reasons, it should be our common goal to further reduce these burdens. Asphalt temperatures should be kept as low as possible during production and laying.

Measurements conducted during field trials have shown that for the use of aspha-min® and the reduction of mixing and laying temperatures, emissions of vapours, aerosols and odour are significantly reduced. For instance, with the decrease of the mixing temperature by 26 °C, a reduction of 74% in emissions of ultra-fine particles could be experienced. Of course, this goes along with substantially less odour. This leads to considerably lower exposures for workers at the construction site.

As per today in Germany, with asphalt works in tunneling projects, means of reducing emissions are mandatory. For this purpose, aspha-min® has particularly excelled in recent years.