Meeting highest demands in road construction

aspha-min® is a finely granulated, free flowing synthetic zeolite for the production of warm mixed or low viscosity hot mixed asphalt.

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Hot mix ashalt (HMA)

aspha-min® guarantees significantly improved workability and compactability for stiff binders, under adverse weather conditions and for manual laying – belt and braces for best compaction results.

Warm mix asphalt (WMA)

The use of aspha-min® allows mixing and laying temperatures of asphalt to be reduced by about 30 °C. This means saving resources and leads to less wear and tear of both asphalt plants and construction devices. Moreover, reducing the temperature in asphalt reduces the thermal aging of the binder.

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Public funds are short, natural resources are getting shorter.
Let's make the best of it!
More sustainability in asphalt road construction with aspha-min.