About aspha-min

aspha-min® is a finely granulated, synthetic zeolite based additive for the production of warm mix asphalt (WMA) or low viscosity hot mix asphalt (HMA). It physically and temporarily enhances the binder's volume by creating micro-pores, an effect that reduces the binder's viscosity and thus improves both workability and compactability of the mix. aspha-min® meets all requirements of modern asphalt technology.

aspha-min® is one of the oldest and most established technologies for the manufacture of warm mix asphalt.

Our efforts have been acknowledged by numerous awards, such as the “Prix de l’Innovation Vinci” (2001), the “Certificat Innovation Autoroutière” (2005), the “Prix Innovation de la FNTP” (2005) and the “Grand Prix de l’Innovation du SMCL” (2005) in France, and the Hazard Protection Prize of 2002 in Germany. An extensive range of reference projects in numerous countries in Europe and abroad since 1997 also proves the sustainable quality of warm mix asphalt using aspha-min®.

Not only is aspha-min® is easiest to handle, it can also be used with all binder types and grades. For direct dosing of the additive into the mixing process, the investment in additional and costly bitumen tanks becomes unnecessary. The manufacture of asphalt with aspha-min® does not require an extension of the mixing time, and therefore ensures full efficiency of the asphalt mixing plant.