Warm mix asphalt (WMA)

The use of aspha-min® allows mixing and laying temperatures of asphalt to be reduced by about 30 °C. This means saving resources and leads to less wear and tear of both asphalt plants and construction devices. Moreover, reducing the temperature in asphalt reduces the thermal aging of the binder.

Saving time and reducing emissions

For a reduced consumption of fossil fuels, warm mix asphalt with aspha-min® (zeolite), while saving energy, significantly improves the working conditions of asphalt workers  - for lower emissions of fumes, aerosols and odour at both plant and work site. Other advantages of warm mix asphalt are obvious: warm mix asphalt (WMA) with aspha-min® allows quicker reopening of new traffic surfaces.

Thus, aspha-min® in warm mix asphalt facilitates construction projects under extreme time pressure and / or night time paving as with airport runways, highly frequented highways and traffic junctions. 

With no changes to the ring-and-ball-value or any other properties of the binder and no sudden hardening of the mix, the application in warm mix asphalt does not lead to higher demands for laying and compacting.

Good compaction, even in warm mix asphalt, means less repair and longer durability for our road network. This saves energy, raw materials and public money. At the same time, warm mixes reduce fossil fuels at the mixing plant. Warm Mix Asphalt gives you more sustainability in asphalt road construction.